70 cm³ of Your Chest

by 70 cm³ of Your Chest

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With our music, we bring no hate, violence or harm, with our music we represent our faith in human world, hope, friendship, loyalty and love.


released April 15, 2015



all rights reserved


70 cm³ of Your Chest Vilnius, Lithuania

Justina - bass
Arnas - guitar,vocal
Pascal - drums

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Track Name: Costa
Hope for coming back to infinity when we had nothing left,
But few cubic centimeters in our chests.
I would shed my skin so I were closer to you,
Living souls are sensitive to fate and it moves them apart.

For ourselves we have treaded the path,
For ourselves we have nowhere to come back.

To live in your shadow and
To hear how heart is dripping into hands,
It feels like we've losted
Buried and mourned unto each other.
This morbid mourning
Will always disarm.
Track Name: Corpus sterni
Night sky express nothing for me
Neither stars or planets or nebulae
Star dusts within mean nothing
All these are crumbles exepting one
This one became an element
Keeping short hours inside
Hours separated thousands light-years
Torturing with their distance

I desired to set myself on pulsars of Kochab
Drink its helium, to dive into hydrogen
I wish these hours belong to me
We've found it and left unhidden
Track Name: Manubrium sterni
There is hot air spreaded between us,
There is searing storm between
All I hear is whistling wind
And I don't recognize the time as you do

I wish the wind direction won't ever change
I wish a light perfection won't ever change

What I always feared was senseless breeze
Which would burn out a flame within.
Track Name: Processus xiphoideus
Why, why myself was never so tough
Before the fight for those we must love
Ticking clock turned backwards
Everything was possible but now

I screamed out my pain
Looking after the things I hate
From my perspective I've seen no way
Crashing and breaking down this tale.
And then I screamed out the rest
The rest of everything that I was
And I've opened that secret door
And I found her, I cried so long

Our nest became our palace
Solar system has changed like never before
And I became the one who cares about
The one who cares about love
Track Name: Incisura jugalaris
Lungs filled with ashes of love
I don't need to breath any longer
If we are not sharing the same air
Track Name: Vertebrae lumbalis
Sunrise doesn't take part in one's life
You won't ever catch a glimpse of a sunset
When you're frightened of your own shadow
Million of voices meaning silence
All the motions standing still
And you fear being solitary
Only then you can discover noises within
Clinging on echoes of the past
They are more precious than nowadays life
You think to have nothing is better than to have entirely lot
But you make promises and always owe the world
How to make you see
These purple skies
Blue stinging snow
Becaue happiness is illness when raised by hate
When life will turn tangled you'll feel
The soul as a stone
As an abandoned home
Everyone have moved out and only quitness is grieving for you
Living isn't a habit
And exitence couldn't be learned by heart
If you see stagnated planets
Release them and stop drowning the world