at first Chaos came to be

by 70 cm³ of Your Chest

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released August 17, 2016

Arnas - guitar, vocals
Justina - bass, vocals
Arvydas - drums, vocals

Mixed & mastered by Kipras Britkus

Lyrics - 70 cm³ of Your Chest
Cover art - Justina Snøw



all rights reserved


70 cm³ of Your Chest Vilnius, Lithuania

Justina - bass
Arnas - guitar,vocal
Pascal - drums

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Track Name: The Birth of The Cosmos
This world is a separation
Of heaven and earth
And I’m stuck in the gap of vast mess
Imprisoned in color-blind senses
I’m heading for the heights
But we are all on the peak of randomness
Feeling lost to live our lives
Without certain combinations

Living by a pattern
Of the past
And the past doesn’t
Take place in real life

Yet every moment of your life
Belongs to the past
While you own present only for a moment
Every evening we are poorer by a day

In earth old time
Call to mind
Every finding
Is every loss

In such a world
Where purpose of life is overrated
We desire to be
Those who don’t feel pain
In our painful hearts
Cursing each one who thinks of life
As a process of disillusionment

We are born with bloody faces
Blind eyes and deaf minds
Build the lies of plain reality
They ignore the fact of more dimensions you could gain
Pseudo Gods destroyed this field
Fulfilled it with grieve and emptiness
I’m not mighty enough
To detect the boundless gloom

When we stared at
Vault of heaven
Chaos poured down
On our liquid skin

We may vanish into thin air
And the world can begin its existence
But this system of nature is not predictable
I hope to reborn as a part of infinite darkness
And to run this circle on my own
Track Name: The Lower Air
Some imagine the earth as a bitter place
And some believe in ghostly defend
Since I considered myself as a creation of void
I have no galaxies neither gravity to extend
This vain creed reminds me of dark energy
Permeated all of space, tend to accelerate
And reaching the height of the world in my elegy
Longing for isolation never ages, it’s a fate

When the whole world runs,
Seeking for a place for quietness
I’m looking for a state of disorder to be embraced
When I’ve been told that to find yourself in peace is righteousness
I came back empty, that failed peace turned my soul to a waste
You spend your days in calmness and they don’t have a history
In this way you can’t remember you are in a land of living
But if you’re not taking past days as an injury
Every future soul will come to your vision being forgiving

The present controls the future
And the future never dies
If my sham heart is a loser
My distant minds as a chaos rise
Track Name: The Gloom of The Netherworld
All this time, this never-ending nightmare
Had torture face
Spreading into air
And causing the sunset die
Thinking about this
Affects everything inside this space
And never releases outside

How could we know, that we’ve been so blind?
How could we know, that it wasn’t all right?
How could we know, that next morning will have no light?

This whole world messed up with its fate
Those raging words came out of no one’s face
Luck has left this sight
Destroyed its own blinding dark
Was this the act of good, or act of bad
I cannot say any differences
As long as there is just a misunderstanding path

But the scent of this will always remind me of the fate of the required life
You have to be careful, not to fall into a trap, like you’re trap to crystals, in a heart
And I don’t want to see this world as a war
(I'm not a soldier fighting to the last drop of blood)

But then no matter what
I grow strong, I reach for light I stretch my hands into the vast sky
I want to go back into this space, define my words, explain my phase
Can’t remember the cause that started this life, coping to live with this chaos outside
Just no matter what, and no matter who, we will slowly perish while chasing our dreams coming true

Sooner, later this will all fade out
Thousand question will be asked
None of answers will be found
This disaster piece
Will become our home
And we shall built it, then destroy it
Through this glass of new dawn
Track Name: The Primordial Mix of Elements
I didn’t notice
How long is night
When morning smote us
Smote out of spite
And I got shot by
This morning’s bright
When I stood naked
In front of height
You flare in desert
I drown in sea
But we are not hurt
Neither we’re free

We’re far away from mountains
But the sky tumbles over us
We’re not in seek of calmness
And we don’t call for peace
This dividing line had been built
And it now should be out
Wrong virtues were chosen
Now we’re suffering from this disease

Deny the order, accept the mess, an insight
Into random sequence will take you
Along the way towards the formless state
And even though if nothing ever comes to an end

You see your previous summers burning
And all your connections are falling to ashes
Feel no wistfulness when present is turning
Into water, into storm
While this world became a fact of statistic
Imagine one as hundred
And hundred as one

I train this
With soul as
Galaxy’s edge

With sense as bright as luminous sphere
You reached for but gave up once
But you’re doomed to look for unreal
Tough road will lead to pleasing goal
Breathing in a mess is a rescue
Lastly aimless abyss was filled up
After you gave birth to the sky
It’s a hope, It’s a fate, It’s a chaos.